Wednesday, March 25, 2015

52 Mondays

Readers of this space (as well as other social media sites I pass through on occasion) know of the respect and admiration I have for Stephanie Wright and the work she has done to eradicate DV from the lives of women (and men).  Dr. Wright has undertaken a weekly challenge/focus of writing about DV at,  and I encourage everyone to read her 52 Mondays.  She is well-spoken, thoughtful, and constantly insightful with her POV – calling attention to DV issues with strength and an eloquence that is often lacking in my own posts.
If you care at all about ending DV you really need to be reading 52 Mondays. Then be bold and speak out against it in any/every way you can.  Every step you take makes a difference.


  1. As ever, thank you.

    Pondering: Are DV and sexual assault for today what AIDS was for the late 70s?

    People are not bold, but I do thank you for your own voice and encouraging others to find theirs. Consistently yours is raised among others and regardless how few of us there are, more will join. Eventually.

  2. I think the general population took AIDS a lot more seriously - just my opinion and POV, but I'm reasonably certain I'm right about that.

    Eventually needs to happen faster.

    1. Yes, it does.

      Re: AIDS, I'll defer to your superior recollection.