Friday, March 27, 2015

Sarah Silverman On Ten Rape Prevention Tips

Last week Sarah Silverman posted Ten Rape Prevention Tips (a tongue-in-cheek list that has been around since 2011) and immediately came under fire from a vocal segment of men who haven’t yet figured out how satire works. 

When discussing rape, responsibility is too often put on women/girls to do more to “prevent” their own sexual assaults…..the way we as a society address rape prevention has been ineffective for a very long time, especially because it demands victims to shoulder the responsibility of preventing rapes and then proving those same rapes when they happen.

And once again, the #NotAll Men faction of the male population seems to have missed the point completely.  The bottom line: Every parent has a responsibility to teach their sons not to rape, and every man has a responsibility to take a stand against sexual violence- that means taking steps to change the behavior of other men who haven't figured that part out yet.

Check out the Ten Rape Prevention Tips below:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

52 Mondays

Readers of this space (as well as other social media sites I pass through on occasion) know of the respect and admiration I have for Stephanie Wright and the work she has done to eradicate DV from the lives of women (and men).  Dr. Wright has undertaken a weekly challenge/focus of writing about DV at,  and I encourage everyone to read her 52 Mondays.  She is well-spoken, thoughtful, and constantly insightful with her POV – calling attention to DV issues with strength and an eloquence that is often lacking in my own posts.
If you care at all about ending DV you really need to be reading 52 Mondays. Then be bold and speak out against it in any/every way you can.  Every step you take makes a difference.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dave Navarro Talks About DV and His Mother's Murder

In case you missed it:

Jane's Addiction founder and guitarist Dave Navarro talked about his very personal connection to domestic violence. In 1983, his mother Connie Navarro was murdered by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, when Dave was just 15 years old.

"My mother was in a relationship, the relationship ended," Navarro said.  "She wanted to go a different way, and her then-ex-boyfriend murdered her and my aunt."

He justified why he would call his mother's murder a form of domestic violence. "Sometimes it's hard to link domestic violence with murder because it's such a broad jump," Navarro reflected. "Except it is a domestically violent situation and probably the worst-case scenario in a domestically violent world."

You can watch it here

And if you're interested, you can learn about No More by clicking on the following: