Friday, June 17, 2011

Updates From The Edge

So once again it’s that time when I look at the calendar and realize that weeks have passed since I last took the time to vent and rail against the world…..for those who wonder why I don't bother with Twitter, there's your answer.  I believe that in most cases, “right now” is more important than “a few minutes ago” – you can’t spend too much time looking backwards if you want to move forward.  Nostalgia, however, is a wonderful thing and there are times when each of us believes you can go home again (no matter what Thomas Wolfe had to say about that).  I believe that when you tell someone you’re a writer they are often very generous in sharing their ideas on what to write and how to do it better – I would never presume to show up at a loading dock and tell someone how to offload a truck.  Although given the state of our economy, I have a couple of ideas that politicians,  bankers, and various executives at Wall Street financial institutions might want to consider, especially when it involves spending what you don’t have. I believe that each of us has a God-given right to the pursuit of happiness – that doesn’t mean we get it automatically – just that we should be able to seek it and work towards it.  I believe that acceptance of gay rights/marriage will not cause the end of civilization as we know it.  I believe that the Bruins were the better team in the Stanley Cup finals regardless of how Luongo played, and that the Mavericks were better than the Heat.  And on the list of the greatest guitarists, Brian May of Queen and Paul Kossoff from Free don't get enough credit.  Same for Mick Ronson.  And Glen Buxton from Alice Cooper.   

And in honor of Father's Day, I believe that while it takes a village to raise a child, one of the most important villagers has to be that child’s father.


  1. Without ever having held either position professionally, I'd have to say I feel more qualified to tell someone how to offload a truck than how to be a writer. Pay's probably better too.

    It's not that your ideas never occurred to those, "politicians, bankers, and various executives at Wall Street financial institutions, it's just that they don't give a shit and never seem to be given a reason to. But I agree with the sentiment.

    Brian May certainly has respect. Paul Kossoff, with the short lived band Free, maybe not. Short lived himself, Mick Ronson may never be a household word, but folks will have known his music from Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Add to your list Tommy Bolin. Tons of respect from his contemporaries and legions of aspiring axe-men to follow, but virtually un-credited popularly.

    So right, Happy Padre's Day Kev!

  2. Ironic - just listening to T-Rex yesterday (love Tommy Bolin). Talk to kids today and they just get that blank stare - but nothing beats a hot summer day, with the car windows rolled down and Bang-a-gong cranking at full volume.
    Thanks for your comments - best on Padre's day to you also!

  3. well put kevin..unfortunately there are way too many "fathers" who only show up at conception.. cool photo as well..

  4. Kevin, this is a good write, I especially agree with the last paragraph/sentence.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  5. Hey! So what's the matter with Buddy Guy, guy? And since the dateline configgers that you ranted on my *birthday*, I can guarantee - wholeheartedly -- that the pursuit (and gettin' there) is alive and well in certain pockets of humanity's happiness quotient -- mainly mine ... uh, no matter what you go through. Risin' the higher over that what yaps at you, whether dock-unloaders or politcos gone astray or how your psyche aches from time to tiempo is what makes the best steel go through fire. (Thank you Lord Tennyson).

    And I think your kiddos, grown into glorying forward are more better humanity-folk 'cause they had YOU for a ranting and pretty damn thoughtful Daddyo.

    I also think a dockunloader might give Har some real good writing ideas ... just sayin.

    (Oh, and I love you guys - but that's not really a rant -- it's just right.)
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  6. You're thinking Marc Bolan/T.Rex. Tommy Bolin was with Deep Purple, James Gang and had a great solo album (Teaser.)

    Definitely love me some T. Rex too!

  7. You're right - got those Bolan's and Bolin's mixed up. Still both kick-ass rockers!