Friday, May 6, 2011

More Beliefs

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at more of my personal beliefs.  A little too much time seems to pass between these posts – I’d offer an apology but sometimes too many half-assed “I’m sorry’s” sound like the poor excuses third graders use when they forget to hand in their homework assignments.  I believe there is not enough accountability and personal responsibility in the world today.  Too many people are not willing to stand up, accept the blame, take the heat, and own up to their mistakes.  It’s much easier to point the finger at someone else and make excuses.  With that in mind, it’s time to admit that it was me who threw that eraser in Mr. Sussman’s 6th grade class, even though my buddy Mark got blamed for it.  I believe that nobody writes better dialogue than Elmore Leonard, although Robert Parker, Michael Connelly, and Lawrence Block come close.  Sa,e with Pete Dexter.  I believe it’s impossible to look at a star-lit sky or feel the cool breeze off the ocean on a warm summer’s day and not believe in God, no matter what science says.  Same thing with children laughing and experiencing the birth of your own children.  Hard to believe that the beauty in the things we see and touch evolved from a random explosion of matter billions of years ago.  I believe that Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, and Rockpile don’t get enough credit for their contributions to rock and roll.  Same with the Kinks.  On the other hand, Black Sabbath just doesn’t do it for me (sorry Ozzy).  I believe that every writer just starting out should read Stephen King’s: On Writing from cover to cover, and that no matter how many years you have been writing, you can’t stop trying to improve (readers can tell when you just phone it in).  I believe that no matter how hard I try, I will never understand nor finish David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.  I believe that a little bit of nostalgia can be a good thing, but too much living in the past can impede  any progress and growth we hope to achieve.  And finally, for those of us still lucky enough to have our moms, I believe “thank you” doesn’t say nearly as much or enough as it should, and we shouldn’t wait for the second Saturday in May every year to say it.  Thanks again for stopping by – hope to see you soon!


  1. I believe you may be right. Today was one of those beautiful days that I don't imagine federally funded scientist will ever "create" in the lab. Elvis C. may not be getting the appreciation he really deserves, and don't get me wrong, I'm a major fan, but fuck, he did already get Diana Krall. I finally got around to reading ...well,a good deal of, Stephen King's "On Writing" and I was happy to see that most of his suggestions were for things I was already doing or believed. I have not read anything by David Foster Wallace but have been told before that my writing was similar. Don't know what to make of that. I speculate some authors have been given reverential status by a largely un-read audience of young readers, simply for dying young. Mother's Day concurrance on gratitude to our moms for not dropping us off at a Park and speeding away.

  2. Thanks Harry- although I've read your work and from my POV, David Foster Wallace can't compare to you or your style. And I still can't figure out that Elvis-Diana Krall connection (unless love is truly blind).

  3. BTW- my addendum to the post about taking responsibility is that I will acknowledge my mistake and own up to it.....I just don't want to hear shit about it