Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burning Down The House

            Thanks again for stopping by and allowing me to rant about more things I believe, and many more things that piss me off.  I believe we are a country with increasingly distorted priorities and we cannot just blame the politicians for all our problems.  The changes in FB and increased rental fees at Netflix should be the least of our issues.  Maybe we need to channel that rage and angst towards our politicians instead – tell them that not only are we pissed off about unemployment, a crumbling infrastructure, political ineptitude and inaction in Washington, the need for better bank regulations and Wall Street reforms, etc., but we want them to fix it.  NOW.  Stop fucking around.  We seriously need a reality check about what really matters.  Someone needs to drive a size 10 ½ up the collective asses of everyone in Washington, bitch slap the leaders in both the House and Senate, and take real tangible steps to solve our problems.  I believe that cutting costs is beneficial, but every politician who trumpets their “small business” background and expertise has to know that to succeed in business you need revenue.  In business that’s called sales.  You need to generate revenue.  Business 101.
            I believe that explains why there aren’t too many business people in Washington and why there are too many lawyers (for all the lawyers in the crowd who need a lesson in this, revenue is the money you get for charging clients…..maybe next time I need a lawyer and he talks about his billable hours and fees I’ll suggest that he cut his expenses).  I believe that the soundtrack to life definitely needs a couple of Eddie Cochran songs mixed with a good dose of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison.  I believe that both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan may have had their detractors, but they knew how to sell their ideas and make things happen.  I believe that you can’t complain that the US doesn’t make things if you do most of your shopping at Wal-Mart.  The key to life and happiness can’t be all about lower prices.  And I believe that some movies should never be remade if they got it right the first time.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. And so no one misconstrues the intent of putting more business people in Washington - the number of business owners and managers who are not part of the 1% is substantially greater than the number of those who are.....maybe as part of a getting a law degree it should be mandatory to take a couple of business courses....