Friday, July 8, 2011

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, all that remains to be determined are when her tell-all book will hit the best seller list and how soon before she winds up in Playboy, Penthouse, or Hustler (maybe one of those “Girls From C Block” features).  And a “not guilty” verdict doesn’t mean she is innocent – just means that the Prosecution couldn’t connect her to the crime and that the evidence presented wasn’t strong enough to sway the jury.  Just re-enforces my belief that having a child doesn’t qualify anyone to be a parent.  Some other thoughts and beliefs….I believe that it’s time for Nancy Grace to go away, and on her way out the door she needs to take Rush Limbaugh and most of the talking heads from Fox News with her.  Debate and differences in opinion are a good thing but shouting down anyone who disagrees with you went out of style in the 3rd Grade (thank you Miss Moody, wherever you are). I believe that time doesn’t heal all wounds, some actions and behaviors can’t be excused, and forgiveness is something not easily given, no matter how important or vital to the healing process.  And that anger can be a good thing.  Some times.  I believe that writers need to have a solid grasp of literature as well as the fundamentals of what makes a good book (take that Snooki….), and I appreciate the talent and strength of writers like Faulkner, Jane Austen, and John Updike even though they aren’t in my list of top favorite writers.  But for the life of me I don’t get David Foster Wallace or Infinite Jest.  Same for Thomas Mann.  And Virginia Woolf too. And speaking of appreciation, every time you crank up some of that early 60’s music from The Stones, The Animals, The Who, The Yardbirds, or Hendrix, remember those old blues artists like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, or Willie Dixon who laid down the beats and rhythms that form the backbone of rock and roll.  Just too damn bad that Smokestack Lighting by Howlin’ Wolf is forever linked with Viagra commercials.  There’s absolutely no justice in that……..


  1. Shackle Nancy Grace to the same rock as Judge Judy one day when you are dropping annoying TV law-folk in the ocean.

  2. Well said. You're correct-she'll get her due. Or should I say as people do these days: your right, she'll get her do."