Friday, March 6, 2015

Dave Navarro Talks About DV and His Mother's Murder

In case you missed it:

Jane's Addiction founder and guitarist Dave Navarro talked about his very personal connection to domestic violence. In 1983, his mother Connie Navarro was murdered by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, when Dave was just 15 years old.

"My mother was in a relationship, the relationship ended," Navarro said.  "She wanted to go a different way, and her then-ex-boyfriend murdered her and my aunt."

He justified why he would call his mother's murder a form of domestic violence. "Sometimes it's hard to link domestic violence with murder because it's such a broad jump," Navarro reflected. "Except it is a domestically violent situation and probably the worst-case scenario in a domestically violent world."

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  1. You know, this reminds me of Patrick Stewart talking about his mother. The stories we tell should ring to the rafters; I think we've just become numb.