Friday, March 27, 2015

Sarah Silverman On Ten Rape Prevention Tips

Last week Sarah Silverman posted Ten Rape Prevention Tips (a tongue-in-cheek list that has been around since 2011) and immediately came under fire from a vocal segment of men who haven’t yet figured out how satire works. 

When discussing rape, responsibility is too often put on women/girls to do more to “prevent” their own sexual assaults…..the way we as a society address rape prevention has been ineffective for a very long time, especially because it demands victims to shoulder the responsibility of preventing rapes and then proving those same rapes when they happen.

And once again, the #NotAll Men faction of the male population seems to have missed the point completely.  The bottom line: Every parent has a responsibility to teach their sons not to rape, and every man has a responsibility to take a stand against sexual violence- that means taking steps to change the behavior of other men who haven't figured that part out yet.

Check out the Ten Rape Prevention Tips below:

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