Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Ranting and Raving From The Edge

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my periodic rant about my personal beliefs.  For those of you who are new, this is my sporadic attempt to share some of my innermost thoughts…..although I believe that in the context of important world events like earthquakes, tsunamis, nuke meltdowns, and NFL work stoppages, none of this matters too much.  That being said, I also believe that one of the benefits of getting older is realizing what an idiot you might have been at earlier stages in your life (which can be as recently as last week).  I believe that God forgives most of the moronic things you did in college.  I believe that there are too many reality shows on TV competing for my attention – other than news broadcasts and the History Channel, isn’t the point of watching television to escape from reality?  I believe that we are becoming a society too engaged in our Twitters, TM’s, and instant messaging and that there’s a whole generation of kids who have lost the ability to have meaningful conversations or interact face to face.  I believe that if I am talking to someone and they are too obsessed with their iphone or Blackberry to pay attention to me, I should be able to smack it out of their hands without remorse.  I believe that the use of the “n-word” is wrong, no matter who says it or in what context it’s used – it is a word deeply rooted in prejudice and hate, and I don’t think Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Robert Kennedy who fought so hard and gave their lives to eliminate racial divides would ever use it to greet each other if they met up on a street corner somewhere.  I believe that Bobby Orr revolutionized the way hockey was played and was one of the greatest players ever.  I believe that an addiction is a sickness but not a disease.  I believe that the first car a guy buys is the car he remembers for life, and all other cars he ever owns get measured against it (btw -1970 Ford Mustang fastback).  I believe that Alice Cooper was an underrated influence on rock and roll and belongs in the HOF, but ABBA?  Seriously???


  1. I outgrew Alice Cooper, or so I thought. About a year ago I was sorting through the several hundred albums I still have and thinking, "What the hell am I going to do with these now that even my CDs are obsolete. Well, what I did was blow the dust off of the old turn table and spun a few; one of which happened to be Alice Cooper, Killer. It was one of those blasts from the past that was so much better than I remembered, or had with my new sophistication, learned to dismiss as childish. Good enough that I followed it with Billion Dollar Babies. Alice had the shock formula figured out way before Marilyn Manson. Smart marketing to appeal to 13 year old boys and I lined right up. To be fair, I think MM was immediately tossed by folks from my age group without a fair listening. Funny that. Funny also that if you'd asked my 13 year old peers if they would rather have a state of the art cel phone or a dirt bike, the choice would have been hands down unanimous for the wheels!

  2. Hello -- knock knock -- May I come into the Clubhouse boys? Don't worry, I brought a pocketfull of Fizzies to pass around. I don't trust Kevin's red coolaid. I also brought an old orange crate for standing up on when a soapbox is needed. (I believe subsitutions in the lineup are oft times remarkable surprises of good venturing.) I think my turntable was BS&T'ing and CSN&Y'ing and Fleetwood Mac'ing, Creedence Clearwatering and even JB Sebastianing to paint rainbows all over the blues I never had in those graet play-music-loud-years ... while you fellers were Alice Coopering. I believe the whole oblio ('point' if you recall Harry Nilsson) of Rant 3 was to get to the what-the-puck of Bobby Orr. And I believe that hot wheels memory works for both sexes. (btw '71 cherry red Camauro, 8 track of course)

    ~ Your buddy in Kevin's thinkin'FunHouse,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate