Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Every so often I’m overwhelmed with an obsessive need to write like there’s no tomorrow – someone once remarked about Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes that when he sang, he made each song sound like it was going to be the last thing he ever sang (especially when he recorded two tracks with INXS).  When that same feeling wells up inside me, growing, festering, screaming to get out, and then explodes on paper, the power of those words is all consuming.  I believe that as a writer you cannot ignore those feelings, and like surfing, you have to ride that wave when it comes.  Everything else I’m doing or thinking about doing or planning to do grinds to a halt.  Including updating this blog with my beliefs and sophomoric rage against the world.   

Sadly, those feelings have now disappeared and life has returned to normal.

More periodic updates will follow in the next couple of days…………

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